i want the ocean. right now.
hi there! this blog contains mostly quincest-related things. so if that frightens you, please go away. i'll probably throw some plain old tegan and sara love in the mix as well. enjoy.
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Every quincester this year (via thequindomsays)

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Stop being so obvious.


I’m going to be really disappointed if they don’t fuck each other’s brains out tonight

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Anonymous asked: Yo I don't even ship quincest but all the quincest going on lately makes me so excited for you guys!! xD




these are the kind of main fandom people that I wanna mesh with.

Public Service Announcement: You don’t have to ship Quincest to be friends with us. The main thing is “don’t be a douche”. You, good person, are not a douche. Please feel encouraged to befriend us. :)


Sara is so proud!

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